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Some photos from over spring break in a slide show!! Enjoy :D

I have some beautiful images to share from our spring break week with the boys but for now, here’s a sneak peak of our sweet kitters “Kitty” named by Cole haha

A few photos from little Cole’s second birthday!!

On his actual birthday which was March 5th, we filled the entire living room floor with balloons so they were there when he woke up.  He was entertained for a week and probably would have entertained for the whole month had I left them there.  We also had his giant tee pee set up so he could play with big brother in it.  Welcome to being two little Cole!!

Baby Small ++ 28 Weeks

Baby Small is about the size of an eggplant, weighting at almost 2 1/2 lbs!!!  I am officially 7 months pregnant, and after this months doctor visit, I will be scheduled for appointments every TWO weeks!  The time is going by incredibly fast and I’m getting so anxious to meet baby girl! 

Weight Gain Total: 14lbs 

Cravings: Cantaloupe still….I will eat a whole on in one sitting :D

Workouts:  Yoga!

Milestones: I’m in the third trimester yay!

Dear Baby Small,

I’ve been very exhausted  here lately which has me a little concerned because I have a very busy few months ahead of me.  This week your big brother Cole turned TWO, so we had a lovely birthday dinner which included cake, grilled pork chops and corn on the cob, and lots of other yummies I’m sure you enjoyed.  Your kicks are super strong and sometimes are a bit uncomfortable but I love knowing that you’re active and healthy.  We are getting closer every day to meeting you and I can’t wait!!  It’s almost spring time, and you will be making your debut this summer!!!!   Until next time…



Baby Small at 28 weeks | Size of an eggplant!!

I’m officially  7 months and in my 3rd trimester…WOW!

Cole’s B-day Present »> GIANT TEE PEE!!!

Seriously I am so proud of this project!  Cost was only $30.00 and it was NO SEW and if you are like me and don’t particularly  LOVE sewing this is perfect.  AND this tent is HUGE it stands 8 feet tall and it’s big enough for 3 kiddos to comfortably play in.  Will post how I made it soon!

Ever sine I became pregnant with baby #3,  the Husband gets up with both kids and gets Hayden ready for school.  When I finally get up,  Hayden is usually bundled up and ready to leave for school, the Husband is putting on his work boots, and Cole is usually eating his breakfast.  All of this happens at the dining room table by the way.  No matter how crappy I feel, at that moment when I see my little family all working together to get the day started I feel blessed.  It does my heart good that we are setting a good enough example that my children already understand the value of sticking together as a family!  Happy Monday everyone!!

Baby Small ++ 25 Weeks

Baby Small is growing fast and at 1 1/2 lbs is about the size of a cauliflower bouquet!  She is VERY active.  Much more active than I remember my little boys being in the belly.  I feel like this pregnancy is going by so fast with only a few more months to prepare for her arrival!  I’ve finally stocked her closet with the first of many outfits which I will be dressing her beautiful little self in ahhh!  Excited much? Just a tad ;)

Weight Gain Total: 14lbs

Cravings: Cantaloupe! Gosh I cannot get enough of it!!

Workouts:  Yoga!

Milestones:  Baby girl won’t be naked on the streets! We purchased her first little outfits!!

Dear Baby Small,

This weekend was Valentines day so me and your daddy went out and looked at some beautiful things for your nursery!  Everyone is getting so excited to meet you!  Yesterday I went and photographed your adorable baby cousin “P” who has just arrived and I told her what great friends the two of you will be!  You have been giving mommy some very strong heartburn so you better come out with hair long enough to french braid…mommy would much appreciate it!!  We love you little one!



So for Haydens class, we made “Mini Valentines”  which were itty bitty hearts folded into itty bitty envelopes!

Even Cole helped make some

I hope everyone enjoys their Valentines day!!


So I’m officially 24 weeks pregnant.  I know I still have a lot of time before I get to looking like a walking watermelon, however I have successfully made it two pregnancies without having to buy maternity clothes and I don’t plan on buying any this time around either.  It is an expense that I feel is a waste of money, a waste I simply cannot afford.  And I feel so much more comfortable with myself knowing that I can remain in my pre-pregnancy clothes.

I can already hear most of you thinking “well I get HUGE during my pregnancy, blah blah blah.” Fitting into regular clothes has little to do with how thin you remain throughout your pregnancy and more to do with HOW clothes fit on your body.  So let me explain…


FLOWY & LONG SHIRTS | If any of you expectant mothers HAVE purchased maternity wear, you know how terribly pricey they are and it’s all because it’s “maternity” clothing… a.k.a pants with stretchy bands and shirts that flow over your bump.  I just couldn’t see myself wasting money on clothes that I really already own.  You can buy just about any style of clothing these days which includes LONG and FLOWY shirts.  Not only are they comfortable, but they don’t “hug” your bump too tight so you have plenty of room to wear the shirts throughout your entire pregnancy. 

RUBBER-BAND PANT | Another reason why long and flowy shirts are a great pregnancy option is they are long enough to cover what I like to call “the rubber-band” pant.  For those who know me, I own every color and patterned skinny jean imaginable and I can’t even imagine not being able to wear those throughout my pregnancy.  How is it possible? Rubber-band the top!  Buy a pack of those black skinny rubberbands, loop it through your botton hole, and you got yourself some DIY stretchy banded pants.  It has never failed me.  I throw on a long shirt and nobody has a clue.  You can be just as comfortable wearing your fashionable skinnies as you would some boring maternity jeans.  Just saying!

DRESSES | Another way I dress my bump without it being maternity wear is wearing a dress!  ALL kinds of dresses can fit over the top of your bump. During my last pregnancy I got a few comments “you will stretch your clothes.”  Most of the clothes I wear are soft cottons and will shrink in the wash. NONE of my clothes have been ruined by stretching something over my bump.  Long maxi skirts are also an amazing option because you can fit them right below your bump.

THE HUSBANDS CLOTHES | If all else fails, go plundering through the hubbys closet.  I go and find the softest of the hubbies T’s and pair them with some cute leggins, my favorite pair of boots, and a jean jacket and I’m good to go!  I get that this style isn’t for everyone, but it totally fits the rest of my closet so why not?

I think it is SO important to feel good about yourself while you are pregnant and sitting around in sweatpants all the time just doesn’t do it for me and if you are a young family just starting off, it is HARD to spend 40-60 bucks on a maternity shirt, or 90-100 bucks on jeans.  Not only that, but shopping while you are up to 30lbs heavier is SO frustrating and only gets you down.

I know this option isn’t for everyone, but if I can inspire those that ARE looking for other options instead of maternity wear, I want to be here to tell you it IS doable!

Happy Monday fellow preggers.  Get out of those sweats and get dolled up!